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Having had lots of makeup artists and hairstylists learning the art of flawless makeup and perfect hairstyling at the Kristina Gasperas Beauty Academy one of the big stumbling blocks I noticed my students were encountering was to capture and present images of their work in a way that does it justice. I’ve also actually noticed this in the social media posts and websites of other beauty professionals, some who’ve been in the industry for quite some time.

Professional photographers won’t be around when you do bridal trials, practice sessions or occasion makeup and hair – these should all be opportunities to capture new images to showcase your work, especially with ever-changing new styles and improvements in your skills.

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All women appreciate great portraits of themselves and they will love your work and rave about you to everyone even more. Come and learn this art-form which will become a key part of your skill-set that will take your portfolio, your social media presence, your business and your clients’ enjoyment of your work to the next level.

Please check out the Portrait Photography Masterclass page for more details including the date of the next one to be held.

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