kg-makeup-trialWe’ve all had days when a makeup trial hasn’t gone to plan and you’re left with that sinking feeling that your client has walked away feeling unhappy. Don’t despair if it happens to you. Sometimes we don’t click or share the same vision of what’s beautiful. And at times like that, it’s OK to take a deep breath and walk away gracefully. Before you do though, make sure you’ve taken time to reflect. Is there something that you feel you could have done differently to show your bride that you care about giving her the look she wants? Turning a dissatisfied client into a happy one is an opportunity that can have a huge impact. You’ll stick in your bride’s memory as someone who went out of their way to delight them, so when someone asks her for a recommendation, your name will be on the tip of their tongue.

How do you do this? Here’s my 3-step action plan to rescue a makeup trial:


    1. Email your bride and ask for feedback
      Making it clear that you want to know what could’ve gone better. Showing empathy and a willingness to listen is one of the simplest ways to put a client at ease.
    2. If you feel you weren’t satisfied yourself with how things went then invite them for a complimentary re-trial
      It might be a simple case of trying a different product that will correct the issue. There’s a chance you might have misunderstood what your client was asking for. It happens to us all, so don’t worry. A complimentary trial will only cost you a couple of hours of your time, but you’ll get the opportunity to learn what products and techniques will work better for your bride.
    3. If your client accepts your invitation, make a simple plan together based on their feedback
      This will help you can manage their expectations. You might agree to try alternative products to correct an issue or you might feel a whole new trial is the only way. Whatever it is, make sure they’re happy before the trial, so it can go smoothly.

Going back to your bride isn’t easy but think of it this way – you’ll have a greater chance of winning your bride back and if she has a large bridal party, it will be more than worth it! This has always been our approach, and we’ve found that brides are so delighted that we took that extra step, that they then give us a glowing recommendation. Give it a go! I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised and after all, the best way to learn is from our mistakes.

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