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Hi my lovely blog readers,

As the word about our Online Academy spreads far and wide, we’ve started to get more and more questions and enquiries about it, so I thought I’d put together a blog post with the FAQs, to save you having to email in to us…

1. Does the Online Academy contain mainly makeup or hairstyling content, or both?

We are UNIQUE in that we provide an online education hub for BOTH makeup artists and hairstylists equally. CLICK HERE to check out a list of just some of the video tutorials that are available to members.

2. Is there anything else is in there other than makeup/hair tutorials?

Yes! We include everything you’ll need to build a successful business. We’ve consolidated everything we’ve learnt that has worked for us and put it all in one place so that you don’t waste your time doing things that don’t work.

3. Is it suitable for beginners, or professionals with lots of experience?

Both! We cover training for all levels.

4. Is there a contract or minimum term?

No. Payments are month-by-month and you are free to join and leave as you please.

5. How much is it?

Only £17.99 (GBP) per month! Even we can’t believe it! There is so much content, support and encouragement, think about the cost to your business of not joining.

6. How are the payments taken?

A monthly payment is set up via PayPal when you register which means payments are secure and can be in many different currencies.

7. Can I join from any country?

We currently have members from over 40 countries, so a definite yes! Although our content is only available in the English language at the moment.

8. Is the membership all on the website or Facebook?

Both. We have lots of members-only video tutorials and business guides on this website and the Facebook Group is where we run critique sessions, competitions, challenges, live tutorials and events and is the home of our global community of bridal beauty professionals.

9. How often do you add new content?

At least every two weeks and we also run regular live sessions on all sorts of topics, such as marketing, photography, social media and colour theory.

10. Does it consist of set courses that you have to complete at set times?

No. It’s a platform with a large amount of content that you work through at your own pace.

11. Is there a diploma awarded?

We don’t award diplomas as the Online Academy is all about continual learning and practice, rather than course completion. To stay on top of our game we should never stop educating ourselves.

12. Where do I go if I have any more questions?

Drop us an email to our membership mailbox at membership@kristinagasperas.com

13. It sounds amazing here do I join?

Right here…


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