Whether to enroll on a bootcamp or a course…

Bootcamps feature intensive high-level focused tuition run in small groups over a couple of days for makeup artists and hairstylists wishing to hone their skills. We convey key messages and effectively demonstrate the “what” and the “how” of the bootcamp topics. All include an optional practical day. They are perfect for those who already have some experience and want to build on existing skills. Courses are more suitable for complete beginners.

Courses are run with smaller numbers of students so that we are able to fully focus on each individual’s needs, level of experience and speed of learning. They’re completely tailored to take you from little or no previous experience to a level where you’ll feel confident you’ve made the right start in building a successful business as a makeup artist and/or hairstylist. As our courses are bespoke they’re also suitable for those with more experience who want to add/perfect a particular set of skills effectively through our unique teaching methods that are not available elsewhere. Your time is precious and our courses are designed to eliminate years of trial and error.

Our list of courses is available HERE.

The subject matter, schedules and availability of masterclasses change frequently so check back here regularly to keep updated.

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