SUN 30th to MON 31st JAN, 2022 – NEWBRIDGE, IRELAND

SUN 8th to MON 9th MAY, 2022 – WESTPORT, IRELAND




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Who are these bootcamps suitable for: Professional hairstylists looking for perfection and to add new skills in the most popular and in-demand bridal hairstyles.

What you can expect: Informative and detailed demonstration of styling techniques, including a Q&A, as well as an optional HANDS-ON PRACTICAL DAY.

Following overwhelming demand, one of the Europe’s most renowned bridal hairstylists Kasia Fortuna is taking her Bridal Hairstyling Bootcamp on tour to Ireland.

They are always crammed full of invaluable tips, tricks and practicals on creating the most exquisite latest bridal hairstyles.

The Beauty Academy’s expert hairstylist Kasia will show you how to confidently create the latest on-trend bridal hairstyles that your brides will adore and your Insta fans won’t be able to get enough of.

Loved by hundreds of brides and known within the bridal beauty industry for immaculate red-carpet-inspired styling, Kasia will demonstrate and guide you in how to create the most current and popular bridal styles.

She’ll be sharing her own unique tips and will answer all of your questions. She’ll also show you how to capture your work beautifully on camera.

If you’re a professional hairstylist looking to perfect your skills and achieve flawless bridal styles that are fashionable, flattering and timeless then you don’t want to miss this fabulous opportunity, it will be a game-changer.

Check out what other hairstylists have said about her training HERE.

Learn from one of the best in the business and increase your bridal bookings!

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The bootcamps are run over two days…

Day 1 - The Demonstration Day...

Day 1 – Demonstration, from 10am until 4pm. Kasia will demonstrate the following:

  • Correct preparation for different hair types – the right hair prep to ensure desired texture and longevity of the final style.
  • Selecting the most effective hair products and tools – for different textures and styles.
  • Curling and styling techniques – making the right decisions to achieve shiny waves or messy textured curls.
  • Techniques for quickly-put-together long-lasting styles – how to create particular styles in the fastest and most effective ways.
  • Understanding which hairstyles work best for different face shapes.

This will be followed by a question and answer session – ask as many questions as you like, Kasia is there for you.

Day 2 - The Practical Day...

Day 2 – Practical, from 10am until 4pm:

Put into practice what you’ve learned in Day 1 under Kasia‘s watchful eye and guidance. Really get to grips with the hairstyles that will make a big difference to your repertoire.

For the practical day you should either arrange your own model or bring your dolly. However, please let us know if this is not be possible for you and we can help.

You can attend just Day 1 or both days – we believe you’ll gain most benefit if you attend both. By the end you’ll be able to confidently create the most stunning bridal hairstyles that your brides will adore.

Remove the guesswork for good and upgrade your skills so that your clients become raving fans.

bridal hairstyling bootcamp


There are two options to choose from:

1. Day 1 – Demo only – from 10am to 4pm. Price: €215

2. Days 1 and 2 – Demo and hands-on practical – both 10am to 4pm. Price: €490

10% discount available for Online Academy members – CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR DISCOUNT CODE

The next dates and locations for this bootcamp are:

Book your place quickly. There are only limited places and these Bootcamps get SOLD OUT VERY FAST.

We look forward to seeing you!

bridal makeup academy,bridal hairstyling academy

All major credit cards, debit cards and PayPal payments accepted.

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