Want to learn how to grow your skills and business and enjoy a consistently full wedding bookings diary?

You’ve come to the right place – we’re here to help you develop your skills online with the right education and mentoring..

The Online Academy was created by me – makeup artist, photographer and educator Kristina Gasperas. I run it with Kasia Fortuna, who’s one of the most respected international bridal hairstylists out there, as well as being an expert trainer.

We don’t just teach bridal makeup and hairstyling – we teach EVERY ELEMENT that has helped us build successful businesses in this highly competitive industry. We know what it takes to get noticed, attract brides and turn them into raving fans and loyal clients.

Since 2012 we’ve been training makeup artists and hairstylists in how to create the latest looks that brides adore. In 2019 we launched this Online Academy to enable us to share what we know with a much bigger audience. Helping inspire, support and mentor makeup artists and hairstylists around the world.

I just wanted to say that your new Online Academy is so amazing!! I’ve just been watching my first video and it is just brilliant! You really have worked so hard and it shows! I’m so pleased I met you both and can be part of this amazing academy!!” – @staciegoodwinbridal

This unique resource is the ONE PLACE you need to go to for BOTH makeup AND hairstyling training and support. You’ll no longer have to go to different websites to get makeup and hairstyling tutorials, as well as business, social media and photography education. Nor will you need to join multiple support groups or go searching for LIVE content to subscribe to, such as streaming/work-alongside sessions, it’s all here – saving you time, money and effort!


  • BRIDAL MAKEUP AND HAIRSTYLING VIDEO TUTORIALS LIBRARY – updated with new tutorials every two weeks;
  • FACEBOOK LIVE MAKEUP AND HAIRSTYLING TUTORIALS – interactive live sessions, all recorded and available to re-watch at any time;
  • INTERACTIVE FACEBOOK LIVE SESSIONS ON ADDITIONAL TOPICS  – such as website critique, social media Q&As, portrait photography and any other subjects our members request specific sessions on!
  • VALUABLE BUSINESS GUIDE DOCS – covering such things as creating a business plan, effective use of social media, portrait photography basics, content writing, SEO for your website and so much more. All designed to help you reach your business goals and all BASED ON HOW WE BUILT OUR BUSINESSES;
  • MEMBERS-ONLY PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP – where you can hang out with us tutors and other makeup artists and hairstylists, and ask for advice and critique. We have members from all over the world, it’s a super-active Group, with lots going on daily!
  • COMPETITIONS WITH GREAT PRIZES – to help keep you inspired and challenged;
  • QUICK WINS, CHALLENGES AND PROMPTS – giving you a constant flow of ideas on how to improve various aspects of your skills and business;
  • REGULAR FEEDBACK AND CONSTRUCTIVE CRITIQUE – to help you learn from mistakes and therefore improve more rapidly; and
  • DISCOUNTS FOR OUR EVENTS – face-to-face training, masterclasses and bootcamps.

​All the above was conceived from the practical needs we see every day working with makeup artists and hairstylists. We bring you original and relevant content which covers WHAT’S WORKING RIGHT NOW IN THE WEDDING INDUSTRY.

​However our Online Academy is more than just content – we’re offering real solutions to real problems that makeup artists and hairstylist come across on a daily basis. We don’t share anything that we’re not doing or haven’t tried ourselves. We’ve compiled and consolidated everything that’s worked for us over the last 10 years, so that you have everything you need in ONE PLACE.

ALL OF THIS AND SO MUCH MORE for the monthly fee of ONLY £17.99 (that’s only 59p per day!) There’s no minimum term – you can join and leave whenever you like.

Click on the Join Now button below, follow the registration steps and you’ll be able to access ALL of our membership content IMMEDIATELY!

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Us Academy tutors have been through all of the career highs and lows ourselves and also seen them in our students. We’ve seen them go from zero to award-winners with profitable businesses and along the way have learned what the common mistakes are – stuff that gets the going stalled before you even gain momentum.

Over the last 10 years we’ve consistently grown our wedding bookings, filling our diaries. We’ve also gradually increased the prices for our services whilst growing this demand. We live exactly by what we’ll be teaching you, that’s how we know that our unique recipes to success work. No fluff, just real-world actions that work for us and will make a definite difference to your business and skill growth. That’s as long as you’re prepared to take the necessary actions – it’s of paramount importance to your success as knowledge is only effective if put into practice.

We’ll teach you how create amazing makeup and hair looks on anyone that sits in your styling chair wanting to look and feel their most beautiful ever; how to take images of your work that’ll turn website/Insta visitors into paying clients; how to write the most genuine and engaging copy in your blogs and posts that’ll resonate with your perfect clients; those all important business, social media and marketing skills and everything either side and in-between!

Check out some more of the kind words that our members have to say about the Online Academy HERE

If you want to master bridal makeup and/or hairstyling as well as business, social media and photography, you’ve come to the perfect place. Join this Online Academy and community. It’ll be your best friend and will help you grow further, overcome your challenges and achieve then move onto your next goals.

(Will take you to a secure PayPal page – by subscribing you are happy with our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy)

Please note: as part of the registration process you will be sent a confirmation email which will contain some steps to follow. To ensure that you safely receive this and it doesn’t find its way into your Spam folder please add the email addresses: hello@kristinagasperas.com and membership@kristinagasperas.com to your email contacts before subscribing.

If you have any questions or queries about the Online Academy membership please email: membership@kristinagasperas.com

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