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bridal makeup hairstyling academy london uk usa

Who are these masterclasses suitable for: Professional makeup artists wanting to master the latest bridal looks, as well as some powerful corrective makeup and colour matching techniques and game-changing photography skills.

What you can expect: Informative and detailed demonstration of my signature bridal makeup look, including a Q&A, photography practice and an optional hands-on practical makeup session.

Are you a makeup artist struggling to create bridal looks that make your brides swoon with joy every time?

Do you find it challenging to select the perfect colours that complement each client’s unique beauty?

Or are you lost when it comes to capturing your stunning work in photographs that clearly and professionally showcase your work and your bride’s beauty?

These masterclasses will help you to overcome these challenges and gain invaluable skills that will positively affect your business.

bridal makeup class
bridal makeup class
makeup masterclass usa
makeup masterclass usa

The topics I’ll cover:

💄 Modern bridal makeup – how to create contemporary looks that will delight your brides.

🌈 Colour theory – choose the right colours that enhance your bride’s natural beauty, complementing her skin tone and bridal style.

🖌️ Correct and corrective techniques – learn the right makeup application for different facial proportions and maximise your client’s beauty with clever corrective techniques.

📸 Photography skills – the secrets of photographing your brides in ways that highlight your work, as well as creating beautiful aesthetic images that will make them swoon.

makeup masterclass usa


These are one-day masterclasses comprising of two sessions per day…

Session 1 - Interactive Demonstration...

From 10am until 1:30pm. Includes:

  • Live demonstration of a modern bridal makeup look.
  • Expert tips on corrective techniques and the right colour selection.
  • Q&A to address your specific challenges.
Session 2 - Hands-On Practice...

From 2:30pm until 5pm. Includes:

  • A chance for you to practice the makeup techniques you’ve learned on a model.
  • My guidance and help with correcting any mistakes.
  • Photography practice – leave the masterclass with some fabulous new images for your portfolio.

You will need to arrange your own model for this session.

You can attend just the first session or both. We believe you’ll gain most benefit if you attend both. By the end you’ll have a deeper understanding of how to create the most stunning bridal makeup looks that your brides will adore.


There are two options to choose from:

1. Session 1 only: Makeup demonstration/Q&A. Price: $295

2. Sessions 1 and 2: Makeup demonstration/Q&A + hands-on practical. Price: $550

makeup masterclass usa

The next dates and locations for these masterclasses will be:

Book your place quickly – there are only limited places.

I look forward to seeing you!

bridal makeup hairstyling academy london uk usa

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