“Kasia” K-Dolly by Kasia Fortuna


Introducing the “Kasia” K-Dolly!

Designed, developed and tested to Kasia Fortuna‘s exacting standards.

She has 24-inch brown hair, with shoulders and upper back, pierced ears and has been designed for a human-like appearance in your portfolio pics.

You’ll never have to worry about getting a hair model to practice on again! She just loves being styled and captured on camera, and will freshen up your galleries and social media posts.

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Introducing the “Kasia” K-Dolly!

Her every detail has been meticulously designed, developed and tested to Kasia Fortuna‘s exacting standards…

  • She has 24-inch brown hair (100% synthetic, 230g), with extra density on the crown area.
  • She has shoulders and a realistic upper body! When dressed she can look very human in your pics. No more worries when you can’t get a hair model!
  • Her face and facial proportions have been designed by professional sculptors and 3D artists, to meet the Golden Ratio.
  • She has pretty makeup and fluttery eyelashes.
  • She comes with beautiful brown eyes, however green and blue irises are also provided with every dolly.
  • She has pierced ears, so you can adorn her with earrings.
  • She has a fitting in the base to allow her to be mounted onto a stand.

We designed the K-Dolly to make your practice and portfolio days as easy as possible. She’ll help you keep your portfolio fresh by always being available for
you to style and is super-photogenic. You’ll love styling her and capturing your latest hairstyles on camera, to wow your future brides.

If you’d like a stand for her, we recommend this one… https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01GE7OIZA?ref=exp_kristinagasperasmua_dp_vv_d


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