Precision Corrector K-Brush



This firm precise angled brush will help you achieve more precise eyeliner, straighten the flick and perfect lip definition.

Sometimes our hands wobble and we don’t achieve the desired result immediately: perhaps the end of the flick needs thinning out, or the direction needs to be changed…

Dip this brush into a drop of concealer (just the tiniest amount) and swipe along the edge of the flick to create a perfectly straight statement flick.

If lip shape needs correction, dip the brush into concealer, stretch the lips (smiling helps) and firmly trace along the edge of the lip erasing any wobbliness and straightening the edge for that impeccable finish. This is an especially useful brush when creating a red lip as any uneven edges are always twice as visible. Its perfectly straight and firm edge will help you achieve more precise lines and a flawless finish every time.


vegan highlighter makeup brush

  • Highest-quality synthetic hair – perfectly shaped, vegan and cruelty-free
  • Ash wood handle – ideally weighted and unique to each brush
  • This firm angled brush will help you achieve more precise results!

Length: 15.25cms


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