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Bridal Hairstyling Masterclass USA - Orlando: 25 Jun 2024

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A 1-day masterclass for professional hairstylists who want to develop their existing bridal hairstyling skills or add bridal hairstyling to their repertoire. 

This masterclass will be run by one of Europe’s most renowned bridal hairstylists and Behind the Chair influencer Kasia Fortuna.

There are 2 options to choose from:

  • Demonstration session only - includes hair prep, selecting the most effective products and tools, curling and styling techniques and understanding face shapes. Followed by a Q&A.
  • Demonstration and practical sessions - put what you’ve seen into practice under Kasia’s guidance. Get to grips with the hairstyles that will make a big difference to your repertoire.

For the practical session you will need to bring your own hairstyling kit as well as a mannequin and stand, or arrange a model.

Date & Time: 25th Jun: 10am to 5pm

Location: Orlando Rental Studio, 643 Lexington Ave, Orlando, FL 32801

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Bridal Hairstyling Masterclass USA

More About the Event

Who is this masterclass suitable for?
Professional hairstylists who want to level up their skills and techniques in how to create the latest in-demand bridal hairstyles.

What you can expect:
Demonstration session (10am to 1:30pm). An informative and detailed demonstration of styling techniques. You'll learn about:
- Correct prep for different hair types.
- Which styles work best for different face shapes.
- Selecting hair products and tools for different hair types.
- Curling and styling techniques and making the right decisions when using them.
- Clever techniques for putting together long-lasting styles quickly.

Practical session (2:30pm to 5pm): Your opportunity to recreate the styles Kasia demonstrated and practise everything you've learned under her expert guidance. You'll also have the chance to photograph your work and get some invaluable photography tips.
You will need to organise your own model or bring a mannequin and stand for the practical session, as well as your hairstyling kit.


Demo session only: $295
Demo + practical sessions: $550

Bridal Hairstyling Academy

About The Academy

The Kristina Gasperas Beauty Academy was launched in 2016 and since then, we've helped thousands of bridal makeup artists and hairstylists build successful careers, teaching the skills needed to deliver stunning bridal looks and build thriving businesses.

Having reached all of our goals in the bridal industry we know exactly what you need to do to achieve lasting success. That's what we teach in our face-to-face education and in our Online Academy. Whether you're starting out in the industry, seeking a new, more fulfilling career or are a seasoned professional who wants to take your skills to the next level - we can help!

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