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bridal makeup academy,bridal hairstyling academy

(You have the option to pay in full or pay a £495 retainer and have an invoice emailed to you for the balance 2 weeks before the start of the course)

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If you’ve always dreamed of working as a bridal makeup artist, our starter course is for you.

We teach you the comprehensive set of skills required to make a career out of doing what you love.

Take the first step towards your exciting new career today! Learn how to become one of the best.

This course is for you:

  • If you feel as though you are stuck in a career you’ve fallen out of love with (or were never in love with!) and dream about becoming a professional makeup artist, creating beautiful bridal looks and earning a great living from it whilst having fun. Or…
  • If you’ve had some makeup training already yet don’t feel as though you’ve gained enough skills in bridal makeup to confidently start creating flawless looks and wowing even the most discerning clients.

This 5-day Starter Bridal Makeup Course covers all the necessaries to get you started on the right track within the shortest time possible. We give you clear steps to follow so that you can build a life and business around doing what you love.

Of course miracles don’t happen overnight and perfection takes time and practice but you’ll have a much better chance of mastering bridal makeup with this focused education and guidance.

After the course you’ll receive 2 months’ complimentary membership to our Online Academy, where you’ll continue to be offered support, encouragement and inspiration by me and some of our past students, who are actively very supportive of each other. There’s also video tutorials and live sessions, competitions, job sharing and discounts for our future events. After the initial 2 months you’ll be able to continue your membership at a reduced rate.


best makeup course london

The most comprehensive bridal makeup courses in the wedding industry – focused on teaching you exactly what you need to know to be a successful bridal makeup artist.

Industry secrets, deeper insights and time-saving hacks – we’ve worked out the perfect formula of skills and techniques you’ll need to become a successful bridal makeup artist. Once you complete this course you’ll be fully equipped to start your journey to be amongst the best in the industry.

Intensive teaching – we’ve honed and perfected our craft to become a leading bridal makeup force in the industry. Our teaching methods and insights will ensure that no time is wasted, avoiding mistakes and gaps that come up from inadequate and unfocused education.

Online Academy membership – free for the first 2 months and then offered at a discounted monthly rate. Continue your education in a supportive environment, where you can get further mentoring, feedback and be part of our thriving global community of like-minded beauty professionals.

You’ll never feel alone because we genuinely care about your success – your goal of becoming a successful bridal makeup artist also becomes our goal when you study with us.

PRICE – £1,795

Includes two days of theory and demonstrations and three days of practicals.

bridal makeup academy,bridal hairstyling academy

(You have the option to pay in full or pay a £495 retainer and have an invoice emailed to you for the balance 2 weeks before the start of the course)


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  • Colour theory and the principles of colour harmony – selecting the correct colours for a variety of skin tones to be able to choose the most effective combinations that will flatter your clients.
  • Facial anatomy – how to create the perfect oval regardless of face shape.
  • Correction of facial features – techniques to correct droopy/uneven eye shapes, deal with uneven/over-plucked eyebrows, enlarge thin lips and correct/conceal problematic skin and under-eye areas.
  • Variety of makeup techniques and correct product selection – for a wide range of age groups and skin types.
  • Demonstration – a step-by-step demo of the most popular bridal look of the moment.
  • Portrait photography – how to do justice to your work by taking clean, flattering portraits.
  • Business set up – how to start out in makeup artistry and build a career. Includes advice on website design, pricing structure, social media presence, exceptional customer service and continuous practice.
  • Start-up makeup kit advice – product recommendations suitable for a start-up professional makeup kit.
  • Bridal – the most frequently requested bridal looks. Interpreting your client’s requests correctly and delivering beyond their expectations.
  • Special occasion – creating beautiful and current evening/special event looks.
  • Photographic – makeup that looks superb in photographs.
  • Makeup for mature women – specific anti-ageing techniques.
  • Individual eyelash application – how to effectively enlarge and elongate lashes and create an anti-ageing effect with the correct application of individual lashes.
  • Assessing skin types – and choosing the right foundation.
  • Applying eye-liner – one of the most important practical elements of the course. How to use eye-liner perfectly no matter the eye shape.
  • Eyebrow correction – how to achieve the perfect arch.
  • Smokey eye – a hugely popular style. Create flawless, beautifully blended and striking smokey eyes.
  • Vintage flick – how to confidently create a 50’s liquid line flick. It is possible!
  • Correcting mistakes – correct makeup mistakes on the job: fix uneven eye-liner, shaky lip-liner, uneven eyebrows, etc. Mastering error correction is half the job!

Your models will be professionally photographed, so you’ll be able to use the stunning images in your portfolio and social media.

The course is run jointly by me, Kristina, and Academy makeup tutor Aušra. I cover the theory days, and Aušra the practicals.

We provide an in-house makeup kit for this course so no previous purchase necessary.

If you already own a kit or partial kit we encourage you to bring it in however so that you learn how to make the best use of what you already have.

best online makeup course

The next dates for this group course are Monday 17th to Friday 21st June 2024 and it will run at the K-Studio, 85 White Hart Lane, Barnes, London SW13 0PW.

As standard, course days start at 11am and finish at 4pm.

(A minimum of 2 enrolments are required for the course to run, otherwise it will be postponed to a later date)

bridal makeup academy,bridal hairstyling academy

(You have the option to pay in full or pay a £495 retainer and have an invoice emailed to you for the balance 2 weeks before the start of the course)

Check out the Why Study With Us page for more information and inspiration on why studying at the Kristina Gasperas Beauty Academy is for you.





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