“I don’t know where to possibly start to justify Kristina’s effect on my career and life.

I met her 3 years ago after searching high and low for private, quality training with a really talented artist and just instantly knew she was the only one to go with. She’s one of those rare people you meet with a sparkly, calming aura and the moment I met her I’m pretty sure I fell in love with the career I have today!

I got WAY more than incredible makeup training. She took so much time to understand my current business and educated me, really, on how to run a successful business – tailored exactly how I needed a business to run, for me. She helped me establish dreams I didn’t know I had and gave me SO much confidence I was lacking in to reach for the stars.

I was a single mum to a little tot at the time and I left the studio after training feeling so inspired and confident I quit my part-time job and literally never looked back. 3 years later I’ve worked tirelessly and achieved things I never thought I would in my lifetime (seriously). This year I won National Makeup Artist of the Year 2018 – via The Wedding Industry Awards (must be dreaming).

I run a beautifully successful business with more work flooding in than I can take, work my dream hours, LOVE every single day at “work” and feel more fulfilled than I thought possible. I wake up every single morning feeling more and more inspired and wanting to pinch myself. Still now, Kristina is my utter inspiration. I’ve had her not only for the short course but literally the whole way through holding my hand ANY time I needed advice or help or inspiration, you name it. She’s become a friend and I constantly put all of the happiness and success me and my daughter have gained down to her. I could never possibly forget how above and beyond Kristina has gone for me – and all of her students!

Her makeup training, business coaching, social media coaching is second to none (and AMEN for teaching me how to use a camera too!!) and it goes without saying, she’s the only artist in the world who will ever be doing my makeup!! (Although the K-Team girls are pretty incredible, aren’t they 😉).

Thank you Kristina for going above and beyond and the absolute gift you’ve given me and soo many women I know of xxx” – Lissy

“To Kristina, I just want to thank you for what has truly been the best 10 days of my makeup career so far.

I have never met someone who cares so much for their students and you truly have inspired me to be the best I can be.

You imparted so much knowledge on us and pushed us to make us better. I loved sharing my makeup journey with another student and as well as learning so much I feel like I have made two life-long friends.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you taught us! You are a makeup rockstar! Lots of love and gratitude” – Lu

“Basking in the glow…..

An absolute pleasure creating this fresh, glowing natural look for the beautiful @augustaflorals

With massive thanks to the amazing and very talented @kristinagasperasmua @kristinagasperasacademy

A wealth of knowledge, guidance and skill when it comes to creating beautiful bridal looks.” – @lucykeelmakeup

“I’ve been looking forward to getting this diploma for months.

I can’t thank and recommed @kristinagasperasmua enough. She taught me so many things that I wouldn’t have even thought of.

Her knowledge is fascinating and she has inspired me so much. I cannot wait to start practicing at home. 

#makeupcourse #london #wedding #newcareer #journey #hourglasscosmetics #inspiration #richmond #makeup #makeuptutorial #bride #bridalmakeup – @bridalbeautybyzoe

“If you’d have said to me a few weeks ago that my work would be featured on the @ctilburymakeup website I would have laughed!

A lot can change in a few weeks 🙂

After receiving impeccable training by @kristinagasperasmua at the beginning of the year she totally inspired me and encouraged me to work hard and develop my makeup and photography skills.

I’ve noticed such a difference in my work, my ideas and my job enquiries!

I’m so excited for the future of my business and the journey ahead!! Xxx. #workhard #mua #charlottetilbury” – @makeupbyphoebehayter

“Thank you so much..I absolutely loved the session today and came home exhausted but buzzing with ideas.

For me, there were some great tips today (lashes, application) but the main thing was the importance of colour theory… which i am still working on and clearly comes so naturally to you!

Thank you so much, I am really excited for the other sessions xx” – Nicola

“I’ve been a makeup artist for a couple of years now, trying desperately to fit it in with another full-time job before realising it just simply wasn’t working. You have to be 100% committed.

And so, new in London, I took the decision to make a start on my makeup business and searched for the best reviews for makeup schools. I wanted to go over what I’d learnt, improve some more and most of all find confidence.

Meeting Kristina is the second best decision I’ve made, the first being giving up working in insurance!

In one day Kristina inspired me, boosted my confidence, taught me how to colour match for my clients correctly, showed me how to apply glamour makeup for portrait photography (something I adore) and welcomed me to her group of other very talented makeup artists.

Throughout the course she also gave me valuable advice on making my business succeed, how to go about expanding and networking as a new person in the UK, talked me through prioritising my business goals and motivated me beyond words.

I’ve never met anyone as passionate about makeup and the industry and able to empower others into believing that anything is achievable if you work hard at it.

I can’t thank Kristina enough for her guidance, kind words and skills” – Mari

“Wow, what a journey it has been.

Thank you for your patience, kindness and dedication in teaching me. Thank you for pushing me on until the result was perfect and not just “okay”. Thank you for sharing your encyclopaedic knowledge and expertise and for developing skills in me that are beyond what I’d ever thought I’d achieve.

Meeting Kristina is the second best decision I’ve made, the first being giving up working in insurance!

I’m really proud of where I got to today and so happy that I chose to learn with you.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement. Watch this space…” – Claire

“I am a bridal makeup artist and wanted to learn something new, connect with Kristina and give my business a boost hence I got in touch with the Academy.

I spent two days mastering makeup skills and learning portrait photography to showcase my makeup work the way I believe it deserves.

We all know that the competition out there is huge and it’s so rare to find fellow industry colleagues like Kristina who share their experience, skills and knowledge and stand in solidarity with you genuinely wanting you to thrive!

Kristina, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for every insight, every word and every minute spent together. It was not just worth every single penny but uplifted me to another level!

You give your heart and soul to your students and money can’t buy this. Thank you Kristina, I wish you and the K-Team the best success and hope to see you soon!

As your student I promise to make you proud and make @Brideandroses blossom as much as possible with your insight and help!” – Patricija

“As a mother of three little children it’s challenging to juggle everything but when you are a makeup lover with big passion and have followed your favourite makeup artist on social media for years, then get the opportunity to learn everything you can from her, it’s too good an opportunity to miss!

This is what happened to me. I have loved Kristina’s work since I started my makeup career and I finally got to meet her. Amazing!

I went on a three-day course and was then invited for an additional day to assist her at a big wedding show! I really enjoyed every minute and was absorbing everything like a sponge: Kristina’s every word and movement. Every time she corrected my mistakes I just said that she had magic hands! They really were!

She was so calm, such a perfectionist, very gentle but strict about her work and I loved everything about it and her lifestyle and the K-Team. She inspired me a lot, gave me guidelines on what to do next and told me where I’d gone wrong in the past. I really appreciate all of her honesty and clarity. It doesn’t end there either – I can ask questions any time and I have an open invitation to come to her studio to see how other makeup artists are learning which means that my learning journey continues.

Additionally I have been invited to join Kristina’s private Facebook group which has been set up for all of the makeup artists who have been taught by her. We chat about makeup and and post photos of our work.

I would highly recommend Kristina to everyone! My next goal is to learn portrait photography from her. Thank you so much and see you soon!” – Alina

“Hi Kristina, it was lovely to meet you and I thoroughly enjoyed the lesson and learning from you. Thank you for sharing your expertise with me and being so generous with your time (we literally didn’t stop!). I have so many new techniques to implement and I cannot wait to use them on my brides!

Thank you also for sending the photographs so promptly – it was a key learning point for me to see what a difference this makes and I am already thinking about cameras. I now understand that it isn’t intrusive and that a bride likes to receives the photos so this is great.

I will be seeing you again as I’d like to practice more this season. In the meantime I’ll join the Facebook group – cannot wait!

Thanks again Kristina, very much indeed” – Christy

“Dear Kristina, I wanted to write to say a huge thank you for hosting such a wonderful training course in September.

It is seldom in life that you meet someone who has such a profound effect on me. You have opened my eyes to a new skill which has subsequently become a new passion and a new business! You made me realise that we grow and develop every single day and you have taught me to stop and look; really look.

I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your patience, skill, honesty and inspirational training course.” – Laura-Louise

“Dear Kristina, I just wanted to say again the most huge thank you for everything!

I honestly feel that meeting you has given me the confidence to change my life (if that doesn’t sound too cheesy!) and I cannot thank you enough for all your kind words and support over my course.

I am incredibly proud to have begun my professional training with you and will work hard to achieve the high expectations I have set myself. You are a really wonderful, encouraging teacher, who is so supportive, both in terms of practical makeup and also in running a business.

I am so pleased that we met last year for my wedding. It truly was a turning point for me as I became so fired up over the makeup and hair look that we created with Kasia – it was the only part of the wedding planning that I wholeheartedly adored!

Thank you again, so very much! See you soon.” – Maxine

“Meeting Kristina and finishing the 5-day intensive bridal course was one of the best things that happened to me in 2015.

It was a big step that has changed my professional career and absolutely uplifted and changed my skills as a makeup artist. She has endless patience, a great eye for detail and this magic touch which can change pretty good makeup into a masterpiece!

Kristina shared all the knowledge, tricks and tips she was able to during those 5 days and it’s up to the student to use them correctly in the future. She is extremely supportive and positive so you feel like you can conquer the world – and you can! I couldn’t recommend her more! Thank you, Kristina, you are simply the best!” – Sylwia

“Dear Kristina, thanks for the interest in my work, I always feel your support.

I want to tell you many thanks for the knowledge which you gave me. Thanks to you I opened up for myself a new world of beauty and imagination without borders. Your talent to teach in the fine art of beauty in only 10 days pleasantly surprised me! It was wonderful! Each study day brought me huge pleasure and new victories.

Thank you for being my tutor! I am proud of the fact that I took the first steps in makeup artistry with you!” – Rada

“I went to Kristina’s makeup studio for a 5-day bridal and special occasion makeup course, and it was amazing!

I had looked on the Internet and contacted quite a few courses, but Kristina stood out from everyone else.

In the 5 days to come I went through mixed emotions, I wanted to give up because I thought I wasn’t doing well. Kristina picked up my confidence and got me to list everything I felt like I was struggling on and we worked on it, she has so much patience!

I am due back in September to brush up my skills and continue to learn as the makeup industry is my dream. Without Kristina’s constant confidence boosts and emails I would’ve given up. Thank you Kristina x” – Ally

“Having been a makeup professional for a number of years, I decided to take private makeup classes with Kristina to freshen my ideas and learn new techniques.

Kristina is a consummate professional and a very knowledgeable and skilled makeup artist. She showed me many new industry techniques and tips, what kind of products to use, when and why.

Kristina is a fantastic teacher. She loves her work, she motivates and teaches from the heart, and she shares generously without reservation. Thank you for the inspiration.” – Lina

“I had been looking for a makeup course for a while to refresh my creativity and skills and the only ones I could find were group courses that didn’t really stand out to me.

I was so happy when I stumbled across Kristina’s website, her work is so beautiful, classic and timeless which really inspired me. When I got in touch with Kristina, we spent some time discussing what I wanted to learn more about so the course was tailored to my needs.

When I first met Kristina she was so welcoming, friendly and has such a calming presence. We got to know a little bit about each other first of all and then talked about my business and how I could improve it.

Over the two days I got to practice on lots of lovely ladies with different skin tones, face shapes, eye shapes etc. which I really benefited from. Kristina would apply makeup on one side of the face and I would do the other. If there was something I wasn’t sure about Kristina would make sure that I practiced it until I felt more confident.

I felt I have learnt a lot from the course and am so thankful to Kristina, I would highly recommend training with her because I think one would truly learn how to apply make up properly, she has lots of tips and great ideas for your business. Thank you for my lovely new images for my portfolio too.” – Rosie

“Whilst living in London I decided to give my professional dreams and aims a twist so I took my computer and typed Best Makeup Artist United Kingdom into Google and guess what appeared at the top of the page? Yes, Kristina’s stunning website!

Within a couple of months I was at her beautiful makeup studio starting one of the most worthwhile investments in my life – her 5-day bridal and special occasion makeup course.

She is fabulous and humble yet self-confident, with a strong passion for what she does but a very calming manner. She really wants to see you grow and shine as a makeup artist and gives you everything that she knows.

I have always loved makeup, even from my childhood, and all my life I’ve been surrounded by the beauty world. I’ve had several beauty/makeup training courses but ONLY Kristina has been able to appreciate my sensitivity and potential. She has made me believe more in myself, pointed out what my goals should be and helped me improve. All of this with the kindest manner.

I am now living abroad and starting a confident makeup career thanks to her support and honest feedback, she always tries to keep in touch with her ex-students.

I will always remember one of her quotes on the last day of the course: “Be kind, dream high and work the hardest, never give up… Be a success story”.

I am glad to say that she has become my makeup artist fairy godmother.” – Marian

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