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Bridal Makeup & Hairstyling Academy

We Teach Bridal Makeup Artists & Hairstylists How To Build Successful Careers

Offering you the most complete bridal makeup and hairstyling education available in the industry. With us you learn the unique set of skills required to create a successful business and turn your clients into an army of raving fans!

We designed our training around the unique skills that are essential to succeed which we couldn’t find at any other makeup/hairstyling schools!

We have the highest-quality expert tutors who understand the intricacies of bridal makeup and hair and how to set up, grow and run a successful business.


Bridal Makeup Academy Tutor Kristina Gasperas


I'm the founder of the academy and have been a bridal makeup artist since 2009. I'm also on The Wedding Industry Awards judging panel in the UK and was a previous National Winner for Bridal Makeup.

Over the years I’ve worked with countless brides and clients and taught thousands of bridal MUAs with various levels of experience at events all over the world, as well as in our Online Academy.

I started my career with an 8-month-old baby, no previous experience and not a single contact in the wedding industry. What I did have though was incredibly thorough education right from the start. This was the foundation for me to quickly build a reputation as the go-to bridal makeup artist in the UK.

Soon after I also trained as a professional portrait photographer, so that I could build the most aesthetic portfolio to impress and attract brides and makeup lesson clients.

I have no super powers nor natural talent, only the most thorough education and a strong desire to provide the best service I can and to delight as many clients as possible. I know that if my brides and clients are satisfied, the income will flow in. I understand the importance of focusing on the right things first, which has proven to be invaluable in building my dream career.

This is why I am so passionate in providing the most in-depth education to every bridal MUA who I come across. I know that every one of us can build the career of our dreams if we get the right education and ongoing support.

Life is too short to live an average existence - doing a job we don't like, or not having enough work coming in. I've been there so have felt the difference in how much more satisfying and fulfilling life can be when our dream job becomes reality. It's worth working for.

Let our education and support get you there faster!

Bridal Hairstyling Tutor Kasia Fortuna


The Academy’s hairstyling tutor Kasia Fortuna is known in the industry as the genius of bridal hair.

She is also on The Wedding Industry Awards judging panel and has an incredible talent born out of a passion for creating the most beautiful hairstyles that brides swoon over.

Her creations are shared thousands of times all over social media and brides all around the world choose their hairstyles based on her work.

Kasia started her journey back in 2010 and since then has dedicated herself to becoming the most accomplished bridal hairstylist in the world, as well as a respected and much-loved tutor.

She is the co-founder of our Online Academy and is an incredibly caring and generous tutor, who always shares all of the game-changing tips, tricks and techniques that have helped thousands of her students to build strong careers, win awards and gain respect amongst their brides and peers.

She is truly one of a kind!