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Complete K-Set

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The Complete K-Set is a full set of 13 “must-have” makeup brushes curated by me and designed to help you achieve flawless makeup looks.

These luxurious brushes have an ash wood handle and the softest synthetic hair, perfectly weighted and proportioned to fit into the facial features for precise makeup application.

Vegan Makeup Brushes
Vegan Makeup Brushes


The complete set of K-Brushes. Includes the following:

- Eyebrow K-Brush
- Smudger K-Brush
- Classic Shader K-Brush
- Angled Blending K-Brush
- Blending K-Brush
- Eyeliner K-Brush
- Highlighter K-Brush
- Powder/Blusher K-Brush
- Angled Contour K-Brush
- Lip K-Brush
- Foundation K-Brush
- Socket Sculpting K-Brush
- Precision Corrector K-Brush